Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly growing branch of science that emphasizes creating intelligent machines, like humans, that can mimic or perform human tasks. For instance, digital technology such as computer programs, software, e-commerce systems and video surveillance equipment. In the past artificial intelligence was restricted to mainly military applications. However, with the growth of the Internet, artificially trained machines can be used in many business domains to aid the human workforce in carrying out their daily activities. Some businesses may even use the new technology to replace employees, such as taking over the burden of maintaining a receptionist or office assistant.

Today’s new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robots, are making this possible. Researchers are trying to create AI assistants that can handle their daily tasks, like answering telephone calls, taking orders, scheduling appointments and tracking sales. They could also be programmed to perform other actions, like translating spoken language into written text. The potential applications of such a system are enormous.

But what are the top 15 hot artificial intelligence technologies in use today? Well, they include self-programming software, computer vision, data mining, artificial intelligence networks, webcams, video analytics, e-commerce systems, natural language processing, web-based emailing, voice recognition and image recognition. If you want to know out more about each one of these technologies and how they can help you at work, then you should read the article below. The list is alphabetical by category:

Computer Vision:¬†This is a new artificial intelligence technology that uses vision sensors (like radar, light or infrared) to analyze images, scan a scene and determine the presence of a particular subject, product or location. In the future, this technology may enable a device to identify a dog in the backyard or a cat in the office and determine whether that person is there or not. It may also allow you to control the camera view at any time and see who is in the picture when you aren’t even there. This will be particularly helpful in customer service, security, surveillance and safety, and the transportation and home industries. Another use for this technology is to create digital signage, which may someday replace the outdated “talk” signs seen in stores, on streets, in public places, etc.

Computer Vision Software: Software that creates artificial intelligence has been around for decades, but it started to really come into its own around the turn of the millennium with the release of the Apple II, followed by the release of Windows. Now there are hundreds of different platforms available to write software for. Some of the more popular ones are Numera, Croteam, PicoRite, X/Y Software and SciTEK. There are even platforms available for Android and Symbian mobile phones.

In our next article, we’ll look at just one of the top 10 AI technologies, computer vision, and what it means for the future of humanity and our civilization. In the meantime, please keep discussing this issue via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media outlets; the discussion is alive and growing, and the future is coming. Please consider all this.


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