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By: Jessica Lei, Sharon Lew, Shelley Kuang, Sally Li????

Mr. Fong?s AP Chemistry Class?

Mods 14/15

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???????????? What is bond energy? Bond energy is the energy that is needed to break a bond. This amount of energy is the same amount of energy that is released when a bond is formed. There are different types of bonds such as ionic, covalent, and polar covalent. In these types of bonds there are single, double, and triple bonds.

?????????? In a molecule there are positive and negative charges. The negative and positive charge in a molecule creates a dipole moment. Only polar molecules have dipole moments, but not all polar molecules have dipole moments. We will discuss this further later.

?????????? Don?t waste your energy bonding with the book. Our website is easier, so lets bond. Have fun!

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