You should know that certified translations are required for USCIS-approved immigration documents. Generally, USCIS will accept translations of utility bills and other documents, but your needs may differ if you need to translate a USCIS-recognized document. Professional translation services have the expertise and experience to prepare certified translations that will pass this rigorous scrutiny. They are active members of the American Translators Association and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, and employ experts to certify their translations.

ATA-certified translators

To provide certified translations, you must be an ATA-certified translator. Obtaining ATA certification is a challenging process. Only 20% of applicants pass the exam, and only those with proven skills and experience can become ATA-certified. In addition to taking an exam, you must be a member of the Association and sign a code of ethics. Certified translators must also adhere to ATA’s strict rules and ethical standards.

The American Translators Association (ATA) certification is a mark of quality and dedication. Certified translators meet rigorous standards, and this makes them more likely to obtain work. Additionally, ATA maintains a directory of certified translators. This directory will feature your credentials and the certification status of your business. Being listed here makes you stand out from other translators in the directory. Ultimately, gaining certification will benefit you as a professional translator.


If you need a document translated for official purposes, certified translation may be the best option. Certified translations are often required for official purposes and can be used to show that the document has been correctly translated. They must be accurate and contain no additions or omissions. The translation must match the original text and format. If you need certified translations for any documents, you can trust LUNA to provide you with the highest quality translations.

In addition to certified translation services, you can also find freelance translators who are familiar with the subject matter. Many freelance translators handle most types of translations, but project-type translations may require a project grant or budget. These freelance translators are often more affordable than traditional translation agencies and can handle many types of translations. But if you need certified translations for business documents or academic papers, you’ll want to choose an agency that specializes in those types of translations.

Day Translations

If you need a document translated, or you need the language interpreted for legal or business purposes, Day Translations is the company for you. The company’s certified translations can be used in the legal system, as well as in USCIS applications. Their online translator provides certified translation services in over 50 languages. You can also get phone interpretation, in-person interpretation, and transcription services. You can also hire them to localize your website or design it.

A certified translation is crucial for immigration, business, and visa applications. It is required for immigration and employment purposes, and is often necessary to meet deadlines. You may need to submit this document to the USCIS for a visa, or for employment overseas. Your translation will need to be accepted by USCIS, so you should choose a professional translation service with experience in this area. They will ensure that your message is retained in the final product.


If you need a translation for a legal document, MotaWord is your answer. With over 20,000 certified linguists and 95 languages to choose from, this certified translation service is the fastest and most affordable option available. Because the linguists are vetted and pre-screened, each project is handled by a team of experts based on timezone and expertise. Moreover, every translation is reviewed by another expert linguist before it is sent off to the translation team. Big data analytics helps track the performance of the entire team, which ensures a high quality translation at affordable prices.

MotaWord uses its online platform to offer its clients fast, accurate, and cost-effective translation services. They work with start-ups and established corporations, providing professional translation services at rates that meet global standards. Furthermore, they offer fast turnaround times for their clients, so that they can get their documents translated quickly without any hassles. And because their translation service is available online, clients don’t have to leave their computers to look for a professional language translator.


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