1997 checked one of the significant years in the development of Sui onto the world stage. The primary detached Anna Sui shops opened in 1997 in Tokyo and Osaka through a conveyance and deals permit with Isetan.[44] Sui additionally cooperated with Italian shoemaker Ballin to make a shoe line.[55] For the Spring/Summer 1997 style assortment, Sui drew extensive media consideration when Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up on the runway for her show in clothing only.[57][58] that very year, Sui planned her life sized models along with New York gallerist Ralph Pucci. The life sized models depended on the estimations of entertainer Michele Hicks and would later shape the motivation for Sui’s first dissemination brand, Dolly Girl.[8] Japanese magazine Spur included a picture of Sofia Coppola in one of Sui’s 1997 Fall/Winter dresses total with a beaded fiend horn headband in its October release. The Fall/Winter assortment, which occurred at the Church of Divine Paternity, a gothic style church in Manhattan, was noted at the ideal opportunity for its mixture of caprice and merriment and its disavowal of the prominently dim connotations generally connected with gothic fashion.[55]

In 1999, Anna Sui dispatched her scent, Anna Sui Classic, with Wella AG and makeup line with Albion.[44][59]

In 2000, Sui dispatched a skincare line, additionally with Albion.[8] that very year, her assortments were highlighted as a piece of the Fashion in Motion show at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.


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