A pack (likewise referred to provincially as a sack) is a typical device as a non-inflexible [container]. The utilization of sacks originates before written history, with the most punctual packs being close to lengths of creature skin, cotton, or woven plant filaments, collapsed up at the edges and got in that shape with strings of the equivalent material.[1]

Notwithstanding their straightforwardness, sacks have been key for the improvement of human progress, as they permit individuals to handily gather free materials, for example, berries or food grains, and to move a bigger number of things than could promptly be conveyed in the hands.[1] The word most likely has its beginnings in the Norse word baggi,[2] from the recreated Proto-Indo-European bʰak, but at the same time is tantamount to the Welsh baich (burden, pack), and the Greek Τσιαντουλίτσα (Chandulícha, load).


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