Perceiving the significance of rural development and improvement in guaranteeing work security of its populace, the Government of Rajasthan gave high need to foster agrarian training, exploration and expansion in the state. The principal farming school set up in the State was SKN College of Agriculture at Jobner. Later on in 1955, Rajasthan College of Agriculture was set up at Udaipur. With the foundation of first Agricultural University at Pantnagar in 1960 on the example of Land Grant Universities of USA, Rajasthan state had the differentiation of being the second in foundation of Agricultural Universities in the country in 1962. It likewise acknowledged the model of land award example of training of U.S.A. with trinity of capacities for example instructing, examination and expansion schooling. The public authority took the intense choice to move the exploration part to the college which numerous different states took quite a while. Before long the college was changed over into multi personnel in 1964. Later on independent Agricultural University was made in 1987 at Bikaner by bifurcating from the Sukhadia University, Udaipur. The chose associated Colleges at Udaipur became constituent schools of Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner.


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