Who the heck is Coulomb?

When Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806) was a young boy, he attended the College des Quatre-Nations in Paris. He studied mathematics, and that led him into an interest in the sciences. From 1757 to 1759, he helped his dad at his job in the Royal Fields (a section of the French military). He later left the military school called Mezierez to create Fort Bourbon, a French colony, during the Seven Years War. After he finished building the colony, he began to focus more on his love of science. He started experimenting, which eventually led to his discovery of the inverse relationship between the charges of the atoms and their distance from each other. He lived a very quiet life after that, until he became an inspector of public instruction for the French National Institute in 1802. He was in poor health for the next four years, and eventually died in 1806.


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