Hey kids, welcome to Galen Lew the Science Dude’s website!

Now that our APs are over, we here at Team Lew Labs are chillin’ and watching old Bill Nye episodes on Youtube. But we know that your AP Chemistry journey is just beginning! Our goal here at Lew Labs is to educate you about so-LEW-tions (get it? L.O.L.) so that you can get a chem-tastic grade on your AP test!

Be sure to catch Galen’s newest show, Lips of Lew, which airs on PBS every Tuesday at 3PM!

Science Dude too oldschool for you? Well have we got news for you ballaz out there! Galen is in the process of negotiating Galen Lew the Science Foo’, updated for a modern audience. Fo-Solushizzle!


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