Lowell Chemistry Moles Classwork Problems

[1] How many carbon atoms are in:

           [a] 1.03 moles of CO2 gas

[b] 6.71 moles of C5H12 gas

[2] How many moles are:

           [a] 3.17 x 1022 atoms of Ne             

[b] 65432432432 molecules of CO2

[3] Find the molarity of 10 moles of HCl if its volume is:

[a] 2.5 L          

[b] 5.0 L               

[c] 7.7 L

[4] Calculate the molar mass of:

[a] C11H22O10

[b] NaHCO3

[5] Find the mass percent composition of each element in:

[a] Na2CO3


[6] Write the empirical formula of:

[a] C2H4N2

[b] Na2SO4

[7] Convert the following substances from mass to moles:

[a] 99.3 g C2H4N2

[b] 53.3 g Na2SO4

[8] Convert the following substances from moles to mass:

[a] 1.22 mol K2CrO4

[b] 0.233 mol C5H12


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