1. Dress appropriately for the lab.  Always wear safety goggles and if necessary, a lab coat and disposable gloves.  You must wear close-toed shoes and long pants.  If you have long hair, be sure to tie them back.  Also, if you have contact lenses, do not wear them in the laboratory.  Remove any dangly jewelry.
  2. NEVER pipette with the mouth.  Instead, use a pipetting device such as a pipette bulb.
  3. Make sure to note where the emergency equipment is in the room.  Know the locations of the fire blanket, fire extinguishers, eyewash, and shower.  Also, remember emergency procedures.
  4. Do not pour all chemicals down the drain.  Some chemicals may require a different method of disposal.
  5. Do not taste or sniff chemicals.  Many chemicals can be harmful, even when simply sniffed.
  6. Do not eat or drink in a lab.
  7. Personal possessions such as backpacks, coats, etc should be kept away from the laboratory area.
  8. Always wash your hands with soap before leaving the lab.
  9. Never leave experiments unattended.
  10. Be careful around hot glass as hot and cold glassware look the same.
  11. Make sure no flammable substances are in the surrounding area when light­ing a flame.
  12. Do not carry out unauthorized experiments.
  13. Behave appropriately in the laboratory area.
  14. Turn off all heating devices, gas valves, etc when not in use.
  15. Notify your teacher immediately after an accident, spill, or the like.


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