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Practice Problem #4:

Hexane (C6H14) is burned in the presence of oxygen gas

Answer to Practice Problem #4:

1. Identify the type of reaction.

            Combustion reaction.

C6H14 + O2 –>

2. Write out the products of the chemical reaction.

            Combustion always produces CO2 + H2O.

C6H14 + O2 –> CO2 + H2O

3. Balance the equation.

C6H14 + O2 –> CO2 + H2O

            Balance carbon atoms.

C6H14 + O2 –> 6CO2 + H2O

            Balance hydrogen atoms.

C6H14 + O2 –> 6CO2 + 7H2O

            Balance oxygen atoms [2 on left and 19 (or 12+7) on the right].

C6H14 + (19/2)O2 –> 6CO2 + 7H2O

Answer to Problem: C6H14 + (19/2)O2 –> 6CO2 + 7H2O


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