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Practice Problem #1:

Mn + AgCl –>

Answer to Practice Problem #1:

1. Identify the type of reaction.

            Single-replacement reaction.

Mn2+ is a cation, so it will switch with Ag+ (also a cation).

Mn + AgCl –>

2. Write out the products of the chemical reaction.

            Switch the cations, since this is single-replacement:

Mn + AgCl –>  Ag +  Mn Cl

            Then write the formulas of the products based on their charges.

            Ag is a neutral metal, so the formula is still Ag.

            Mn = +2, Cl = -1, so the formula is MnCl2.

Mn + AgCl –>  Ag +  MnCl2

3. Balance the equation.

Mn + AgCl –>  Ag +  MnCl2

            The number of Mn atoms is equal on both sides (both have 1).

The number of Ag atoms is equal on both sides (both have 1).

            Next, there is 1 Cl atom on the left and 2 on the right, so balance.

Mn + 2AgCl –>  Ag +  MnCl2

            But, that makes the atoms of Ag unequal so balance those.

Mn + 2AgCl –>  2Ag +  MnCl2

            Last, double check that all numbers of atoms of each element is equal.

Answer to Problem: Mn + 2AgCl –>  2Ag +  MnCl2


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