-Bond: A bond is a force that holds groups of atoms together to make them function as a unit.

-Bond energy: Energy that is needed to break a bond.

-Bonding pairs: Pairs of electrons in space between atoms.

-Covalent bonding: Electrons are shared by the atoms.

-Dipole moment:When a molecule had both a positive and negative charge.

-Double bond: Two pairs of electron are shared.

-Ionic bonding: Opposite charges ions attract each other from electrostatic forces.

-Ionic compound: Metal reacting with a nonmetal.

-Lone pairs: Electron pairs are localized on an atom.

-Polar covalent bond: A covalent bond where the electrons are not equally shared because one atom attract the electrons more strongly than the other atom.

-Single bond: One pair of electrons are shared.

-Triple bond:Three pairs of electrons are shared.



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