Ice Cream | March 7, 2008

Mole Day | October 23, 2007

Ice Cream | March 20, 2008

Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of matter, especially of atomic and molecular systems. Easily put, we’ll study matter and elements found on the earth and how they interact with each other. In addition to learning the California State Standards in Chemistry, we’ll perform investigations using forensic chemistry and discover the chemistry behind rockets. The goal is to have fun, but most importantly learn important concepts in chemistry you’ll need (or want) to know.
Your goals…
– Succeed while learning.
– Strive to be the best.
– Most importantly have fun with chemistry.

You should…
– Please feel free to visit or contact me when you need help.
– The goal is to learn and understand chemistry.

Spring 2008 Grades Posted
If you have difficulty accessing your grades, please send Mr. Fong an e-mail with your name and Lowell ID how you entered them in the fields. Upcoming Vacations and Holidays
Remember that upcoming vacation days for Spring Break are right around the corner. Mark your calendars for March 24-31. End of First Grading Period
Report cards will be mailed next week to home addresses. The end of the first grading period was Friday, March 7.

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