African American Child Care Task Force: 386-1148
American Red Cross: 323-2345 Earthquake preparedness
ARC of King County: (Services to developmentally disabled & families) 364-1613
Business/Child Care Partnership: (links businesses & child care providers) 461-3213
Camp Fire Boys & Girls: 461-8550
CDA Office: (1-800)424-4310
Child Care Information Exchange: 883-9394
Child Protective Services: (24 hours) 721-4115
Child Care Resources: Seattle/461-3213 (Heather Brown Special Needs Coordinator X221) 461-3213
Church Council of Greater Seattle: 525-1213
City of Seattle Child Care Program: 386-1148 (Sondria Woods-Pollard)
City of Seattle School-Age Child Care Specialist: 684-0520 (Kathleen Groshong)
Community Service Officers: 684-4790
Cooperative Extension/4-H: 296-3900
Crisis Clinic: 461-3222 (publishes the Where To Turn book)
Culturally Relevant Anti-Bias Education Leadership Project: 296-1362
Department of Social & Health Services/Office of Child Care Policy: (360) 1503-0204
Diversity Inclusion Project: 852-3085
Elementary School Principal’s Association of Washington: (360) 357-7951
Family Centers: Southwest/763-7929 Rainier Vista/725-2041 Southeast/723-1301 Garfield/461-4486 North Seattle/364-7930
Family Help Line: 233-0139 (Parent information line)
Family Policy Council: (360)664-0357 (Community Health & Safety Networks)
Latino Child Care Task Force: 386-1020
MOST Initiative: 461-3602
MOST Data Base: 461-3207
National School-Age Child Care Alliance: (907)279-3551
National Association for the Education of Young Children: 800 424-2460/(202) 232-8777
North Seattle Community College: 527-3783
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: (360)586-2263
Poison Control Center: 526-2121 or 1-800-723-6985
Powerful Schools: 684-4790
Public Health Department: (Public Health Nurses & Consulting Psychologist) 296-41505
Puget Sound Association for the Education of Young Children: 725-1474
Resource and Referral Network: (206) 383-1735
School-Age Notes: (615)242-8464
School’s Out Consortium: 461-3602
Seattle Central Community College Neighborhood Classes: 587-6936 or 587-6903
Seattle Public Library: 684-4209 (Early Childhood Specialist, Betsy Kluck-Keil)
Seattle Public Schools Student Assignment Service Centers NE/281-6989 SE/282-6456
South Seattle Community College: 764-5339
Washington Association for the Education of Young Children: (206) 854-2565
Washington State 4-H Office (WSU Cooperative Extension):
(509) 335-2981
Washington PAVE: 1-800 5-PARENT (Advocacy for families w/children w/disabilities)
Washington State School-Age Child Care Alliance: (206)461-3602
Washington State Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000/Bill Room (360)-786-15073
Wellesley School-Age Child Care: (617)235-0320 x2544
Worthy Wages: (206) 325-2952 (Contact Lauren Tozzi) National Worthy Wages: 800-UR-WORTHY


Bellevue Art Museum: 454-6021
Burke Memorial Washington State Museum: 543-5590
Camp Long: 684-7434
Center for Wooden Boats: 382-2628
Children’s Museum: 441-1768
Creation Station: (Field trips & vendor selling art materials at bargain prices) 7150-7959
Discovery Park: 386-4236
Festivals at Seattle Center: (Seattle Center Community Programs) 684-7284
Geology Adventures: (presentations re/paleontology; mineralogy; glaciers) 255-6635
Henry Art Gallery: 543-2280
Japanese Gardens: 684-4725
Kabota Gardens: 684-4584
Kid Star Radio 1250: 382-1250
Museum of Flight: 764-5700
Museum of History and Industry: 324-1126
Nordic Heritage Museum: 789-5707
Northwest Puppet Center: 523-2579
Pacific Arts Center: 328-1221
Pacific Science Center: 443-2001
Pied Piper Productions: (Mt. Baker Community Center, offers low-cost performing arts) 722-7209
Police Canine Unit: 684-7472
Poncho Theatre: 633-4567
Pratt Fine Arts: 328-2200
Seattle Aquarium: 386-4353
Seattle Art Museum: 654-3124/Summer Tours: 654-3123
Seattle Central’s Theatre for Children: 587-5400
Seattle Children’s Theatre: 443-0807/441-3322
Seattle Puppetory Theatre: 365-0100
Seattle Public Library: 386-4636 (downtown) Bookmobile: 684-4713
Seward Park Art Museum: 722-6342
Spectrum Dance: 325-4161
Washington Park Arboretum: 543-8801
Wing Luke Museum: 623-5124
Woodland Park Zoo: 684-4800/684-4841 Field Trips: 684-4892

Compiled by Carol Goss, School’s Out Consortium Trainer & Seattle Central Community College Field Instructor Updated 2/97


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