Stuffed Moles — due October 23rd (10-23)

Name Your Mole

The theme should use the word “MOLE.” You can “mole” about this all you want, but don’t wait too long!

Make Your Mole

Using the 2 handouts from class, make a themed stuffed mole. When you sew, sew the pieces together almost entirely. When you have left a strategic hole for stuffing, stuff your mole using uniform items, such as rice, beans, small filler smaller than the size of a bean, etc. Bring 1 sample of your rice, bean, or filler to class on 10-23 outside of your mole.

Tell Us About Your Mole

Create a passport for your mole. Include: Name, Date of Birth, Country of Origin, and at least a 1 paragraph life story or defining incident in your mole’s life.

Your mole will be on display during our Mole Parade on 10-23.

There will also be a mole competition. The categories to be judged are:

  • Best overall mole
  • Best scientific mole
  • Most creative mole
  • Funniest mole
  • Best life story

Have fun with this activity! The “mole”, the merrier!


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